No need to register another domain.
Swap in your old one for free.

Domain Swap is a free service that lets you easily replace your domain for a new one. Instead of registering a new domain you can swap your current one, whether a standard PH domain or a social media domain, at no cost.

A few things you need to know
before you swap your domain

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How do I swap my domain? Where do I start?

Before swapping your domain, you'll first need to check for your new domain's availability. If the domain you want is available, then you're good to go. If it's already taken, you can search for another. If you're dead set on a taken domain, head to Marketplace and see if it's for sale.

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Can I swap domain extensions as well?

Yes you can, as long as your new domain is available.

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What will happen to my old domain?

As soon as you've swapped your domain, your old domain and its external services used will no longer be available.

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Can I swap my domain more than once?

You can swap your domain every two weeks, free of charge.

If the new domain you want is available, swap your old domain now.

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