Single Domain Hosting

Launching your first website? Get a hosting plan that helps you manage your site and provides the essentials. Our plans start with 30GB storage and 10 subdomains, with peak performance to make sure your site runs smoothly.

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Start out with a plan that suits your site’s needs and includes an easy interface. Plans begin at 50 email accounts and 30GB storage.

*SSH is disabled by default for security reasons.

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Email Archiving Add On:

Get to the important stuff, right away.

Sort out your emails easier with our Email Archiving Add On.

  • Manage your daily email inflow
  • Segregate what's relevant and what's unnecessary in your inbox
  • Streamline important company data faster
Choose An Archive Storage
20 GB - $ 10.00 / month
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  • 20 GB - $ 10.00 / month
  • 50 GB - $ 25.00 / month
  • 100 GB - $ 50.00 / month
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